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Direct Leadership®

Catch the leadership opportunities and engage people

Direct Leadership® describes the leadership deliverables of leaders or project leaders and helps leaders be visible and in relevant dialogue with their team(s).

Because of it’s unique focus on leadership deliverables, Direct Leadership® will contribute positively on the key points mentioned in the Deloitte study.

The leadership deliverables are defined as seven leadership roles, four leadership styles, and the notion that leadership must be “delivered” whenever the day-to-day interaction offers an opportunity to do so.

Practising the leadership deliverables will have a positive impact on employee experience as well as productivity and results.

The Direct Leadership toolbox consist of several elements, which can be mixed and matched into a blended learning process according to the concrete needs of a particular leader, a leadership team or an entire organisation: 

  • A blended learning package
  • A video based self-paced online program, the Direct Leadership® Online Program
  • A self assessment tool, the Direct Leadership® Mastery Test
  • A board game for use in face-to-face workshops
  • A text book, Direct Leadership – Catch the Leadership Opportunities and Engage People

Direct Leadership® is available in 8 languages  (English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian)

Read more about the different learning and training formats here