Allegrow is a consulting company which helps people and organisations to develop, grow and achieve their goals. We work together with you, co-creating an optimal process to bring about the change you are pursuing.

We specialize in leadership and organisational development, and change and have an extended network of experienced consultants, internationally and locally.

We believe that good solutions are found by engaging people in exploring the challenges, and finding relevant responses to them together. It is our experience that shared exploration, sensemaking and solution finding furthers ownership and determination to make agreed actions happen.

The name Allegrow is a combination of ’allegro’ – used in classical music meaning lively, brisk and ’grow’. These words characterize our way of working in Allegrow, lively with involvement so ‘all grow’.

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Call or Email Berit for an informal conversation about your organizations needs, and how we might assist you and your organization.

At Allegrow, we endeavour to

Create value for you and your organization

Build trust and long-term relations

Sow the seeds of change

Strike a balance between challenging and supporting

Organisation Development

It is about aligning the organisation’s strategy, structure, processes, and the culture, people engagement and competencies, so the organisation can meet their objectives and live their values. Therefore OD is also about leadership and communication.

Leading Change

It is a key challenge for leaders to bring about change and mobilize joint action. In connection with change you also often hear about ‘resistance’ to change. It is our experience that people do not resist change, they resist attempts to being changed. Engaging people in shared discovery of new challenges or possibilities will most likely enhance commitment and deliver better solutions and results.

Team Development

Der er utallige situationer, hvor en gruppe mennesker bliver sat sammen for at løse en opgave. Et team bliver ikke bare et team, fordi vi kalder dem et team. Det er en proces, som kræver en indsats, og ofte konkurrerer den med andre opgaver og projekter. Vi kan hjælp jeres team til at få en god start, og vi kan gøre det både face2face og virtuelt.

Leadership Development

Ekstraordinære tider kræver ekstraordinær god ledelse. Ikke I form af “helte-modellen” der har svaret på alt, men snarere gennem samarbejde, fokus på relationer og fælles menings-skabelse. Ledelse er en proces, der kræver interaktion og nærvær. Vi kan skræddersy en lederudviklingsproces til din organisation, og vi kan levere den både face2face og virtuelt.


Coaching is a focused and effective way to help leaders at all levels meet the specific challenges they face. Coaching is a professional and confidential dialogue, and the coaching process is tailored to the specific needs of the individual.