Allegrow Services

Allegrow offers consulting services and leadership coaching

Organisation Development

There are many definitions and understandings of organisational development (OD). In essence it is concerned with both organisational effectiveness and organisational health. Typically there will be focus on aligning the organisation’s strategy, structure, processes, and the culture, people engagement and competencies, so the organisation can meet their objectives and live their values.

Leading Change

It is a key challenge for leaders to bring about change and mobilize joint action. In connection with change you also often hear about ‘resistance’ to change. It is our experience that people do not resist change, they resist attempts to being changed.

Organisation Development

”how an organisation develops and implements strategy with the full engagement of its people”

Griffin, E.

Team Development

A team is not a team just because we call it a "team". It is a process, which requires an effort, and often competes with other tasks and projects.

Leadership Development

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership. Not in the form of the “hero” who has an answer to everything, but rather through relationship building and shared sensemaking. Leadership is a process of interacting and engaging, not a position.

Executive Coaching

Organisations in every sector face complexity and change at an increasingly rapid rate. Coaching is a focused and effective way to help leaders at all levels meet the specific challenges they face.

Stress Coaching

There are many causes of stress, and we respond differently to stress load. But basically stress is about an imbalance between resources and demands. Stress needs to be tackled at several levels in the workplace, if we are to tackle stress effectively.