CoachingOurselves is a peer coaching programme developed by Professor Henry Mintzberg.

Leaders learning from and coaching each other

Peer coaching is a highly productive and cost effective way whereby small groups of leaders develop together. Leaders coach each other based on the CoachingOurselves module(s) they or their organisation have selected, so it fits to the needs of the organisation. It will have broadbased impact in the organisation as more groups get going, and the organisation develops capacity to develop themselves through these ’communities of practise’.

A CoachingOurselves module is a structured 90 minute dialogue guide with quality content, questions for reflection and small exercises. All modules are developed by leading management thinkers and professors such as Henry Mintzberg, Edgar Schein, Philip Kotler and many more. CoachingOurselves is used by 20,000 leaders annually, and there are more than 90 CoachingOurselves modules in several languages, and new modules are developed regularly.

CoachingOurselves can be used as a stand-alone leadership development initiative or it can be part of an organisational development process. The leaders will typically join an initial preparation session before the CoachingOurselves process is introduced in the wider organisation.


Fujitsu SSL was the first company in Japan to introduce CoachingOurselves to their workplace. It has been a pillar of the company’s development program for middle managers since 2007 and remains so to this day, now with ten divisions in Fujitsu using CoachingOurselves. Download the Fujitsu SSL case: Social Learning Leads to Increased Communication and Enhanced Management Skills.

Dr. Edgar Schein, former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a pioneer in Process Consulting, Organisation Learning and Change, is a strong proponent of CoachingOurselves. Download the case: Coaching Ourselves – The best way to learn.

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